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Acaia - Pearl Scale White 2021 MODEL

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This beautiful brewing scale is perfect for those who take manual brewing seriously.

It has been specifically designed for coffee brewing, it monitors weight, time and flow rates during a brew.


The Acaia Pearl 2021 is the only coffee scale you'll ever need to make delicious coffee. Master the art of coffee brewing with Acaia Pearl 2021 using the new and improved features such as longer battery life, brewing modes and patent-pending technology for a faster weighing response time. The new flow-rate indicator ensures real-time feedback for pour-overs.

This simple, modern and minimalistic scale is designed with brilliant functionality in mind, compatible with the Acaia iPhone & Android app, offers you the endless possibility to explore the exquisite world of coffee. 



- Product Weight: 500 g ± 5 g

- Dimensions: 160mm (W) x 160mm (L) x 32mm (H)

- Maximum Capacity: 2000 g / 70.55 oz

- Minimum Weight: 0.1 g

- Measuring Units: g / oz

- Readability: 0.1 g

- Repeatability: 0.1 g

- Battery Life: 30-40 Hours

- Display: 8-digit LED

- Connectivity: Bluetooth


Inside the Package:
  - Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale x 1
  - Black Heat Resistant Pad x 1
  - USB Type-C Charger Cable x 1