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Espigao / Brazil - Single origin

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 REGION: Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro

ALTITUDE: 1000 - 1200 MASL

VARIETAL: Mundo Novo, Catigua, Catucai, Catuai, Catucai 2SL

PROCESS: Natural

PRODUCER: Gil Cesar de Melo

TASTING: Bright & full-bodied notes of Ripe lilly pilly shine, with more subtle notes of milk choc, vanilla and hazelnuts.

Notes:  The tale of coffee producer Gil Cesar de Melo's journey in the coffee industry traces back to his grandfather, Sr. Miguel Constante, a coffee cultivator in Campos Altos township.

This legacy was passed on to Gil Cesar through his mother, Elizena, who instilled the same passion in him. Inevitably, he embraced this delightful realm without hesitation. In 1995, Gil planted his initial six hectares of coffee, gradually expanding over time, always prioritizing investments in quality.

The Espigao do Palmital farm, situated in Pratinha, Minas Gerais, boasts a prime location in the Cerrado Mineiro region. This locale provides an optimal balance of seasonal climates—hot and humid summers complemented by mild and dry winters—an advantageous factor for coffee quality.

With a commitment to connecting coffee growers with coffee lovers, Gil's properties possess an ideal terroir featuring mountainous terrain, elevated altitudes, and a favourable rainfall index. This setting facilitates the cultivation of speciality green coffee beans, renowned for their supreme aromas and flavours. These beans set a standard, inspiring new benchmarks and meeting the expectations of customers worldwide who seek quality and ethical practices. Gil's respect for the environment is evident in his preservation of forest areas surrounding his farms, encouraging employees to follow suit.

The coffees from Espigão Farm undergo a meticulous quality process—from initial crop stages to post-harvest lot preparation—resulting in exceptionally high-quality coffee. Gil cherishes childhood memories spent with his grandfather on the farm. His early experiences, such as navigating the coffee fields at the age of six when technology lagged behind, are cherished. Back then, ox-carts transported coffee. Now in its fourth generation, the family carries forth this passion for coffee. Gil's children, Edu and Hugo, bring a fresh perspective, contributing knowledge and innovation to continue the legacy.



Dose: 21g in 
Yield: 60g out
Run time: 55 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)