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Gitega Hills / Rwandan - Single origin

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Gitega Hills single-origin coffee offers a balanced cup with notes of white peach, nectarine, green apple, and poached pear. It has a medium body and a sweet finish.  It's available in two sizes: 250g and 1kg. This coffee was roasted to perfection at Grouch, and each bag is filled by hand. GREAT FOR ESPRESSO 

TASTING: White peach, nectarine, green apple, and poached pear. It has a medium body and a sweet finish.

PROCESSING NOTES: Farmers collect cherries and bring them to the washing station where they are sorted. Cherries are floated as part of the pulping process to separate low-density cherries. The cherries are wet-pulped and wet-fermented for 18 hours in concrete tanks under shade. After fermentation is complete coffee is thoroughly washed in concrete channels to remove any remaining mucilage Coffee is then laid out to dry until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12%. Drying typically takes 12-15 days. Beans are stored in parchment until ready for export. 

ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Bernard Uwitije:  Since his youth, Bernard Uwitije has been immersed in the coffee industry, helping his parents care for their coffee farms and processing cherries at home. His family's business of selling coffee processed at homes throughout their village also inspired Bernard's aspirations to alleviate the burdens of farmers by building coffee processing factories. In 2012, he began his own coffee brokerage, and in 2016, he acquired his first of three washing stations, which aligned with the country's policy of converting commodity coffee into speciality coffee. His business, Trapro Coffee Washing Stations, has since grown in size and success. In the most recent harvesting season, Bernard purchased from nearly 5,000 farmers, and his washing stations at Gitega Hills and Bwenda Mountain produced 450 and 320 tonnes of green beans, respectively. By 2025, the company aims to increase the number of farmers by 30% and increase coffee production by 200% by training farmers in good agricultural practices.

Bernard's focus at Trapro Coffee is on equipping farmers in southern Rwanda with a better and more sustainable life through coffee production, with a particular focus on those in surrounding communities affected by the genocide only decades ago. The company allocates 10% of its gross profits to initiatives such as health insurance schemes, agriculture training and farming schools, small loans, and children's school fees. They also provide coffee seedlings and monthly training to farmers to help improve their yields and quality. Trapro works with all farmers in the community, with a focus on women, the disadvantaged, and youth who were unable to complete their higher education.

The washing stations managed by Bernard and Trapro Coffee use ecologically friendly pulpers and modern equipment and provide accommodation for key staff members. The coffee trees grow in sandy and volcanic soils at high altitudes with cool climates, which is ideal for elegant coffee maturation. The Nyungwe Mountains, near one of the oldest rainforests in Africa, lend their heritage to the cherries, resulting in vibrant and rich coffee profiles. Bernard's commitment to his community has led Project Origin to recognize and support Trapro Coffee's work, showcasing Rwanda as a beautiful coffee origin.

Recommended extraction is 21gs in, 40gs out. Run time of 31 seconds (you can include a 10second pre-infusion as part of the run time).

  • REGION: SOUTHERN RWANDA, Nyamagabe District
  • ALTITUDE: 1700 - 1900 MASL
  • VARIETAL: Bourbon
  • PRODUCER: Bernard Uwitije