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Home Espresso Machine Tutorial Gift Voucher

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Has a loved one got a snazzy new espresso machine, but really has no idea how to make coffee? Or did you buy someone a coffee machine for Christmas 2021 and they still don't make a good cup? This is the gift for them!

Bring the machine into our concept store in Myaree, and we will teach them how the machine works and most importantly how to get a good-tasting cuppa-joe out of it. 

The best part is that they just pack it up and take it home, ready to impress you! You're welcome - no more bad coffee!

This is a voucher for a Home Espresso Machine tutorial. It can be gifted via email or can be printed out. This is an ideal gift as there is no need to book the date just yet.

To book a Tutorial head to our product page and select the date and time that's best. When you are taken to the cart pop in the Gift voucher code and bob's your uncle.

This course is available for one or two people. When purchasing choose how many people will be attending.

Any problems or questions please call the office at 0893198188 or email