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Ulya / PNG - Single origin

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TASTING: Tastes like almond covered triple chocolate bar with strips of nougat wrapped in rum truffle with macerated sultanas. Droooll!.

Notes: Nestled in the heart of the Waghi valley, just below the towering Mt. Ulya, known locally as Mt. Oga, lies the historic Ulya plantation. This enchanting place not only boasts rich coffee but also a history steeped in tradition and significance. The Waghi valley, encircled by rugged mountains and pristine forests, particularly around the Kuli area, holds a pivotal role in Papua New Guinea’s agricultural heritage. It’s believed to have been one of the world’s most advanced farming regions thousands of years ago. This remarkable history is an integral part of the coffee production in the Waghi Valley, a legacy that continues to this day.

Following Papua New Guinea’s independence, a substantial portion of the old plantation was returned to its rightful traditional landowners.

In 2013, Monpi Coffee Exports assumed the stewardship of the Ulya Wet mill and its cherry supply from the ancient plantation blocks. Monpi has undertaken an extensive renovation of the mill, further enhancing its capabilities. Moreover, they have invested in cutting-edge wastewater facilities on the premises, underlining their commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible coffee production.

The coffee from the Ulya plantation and its surrounding regions is cultivated on dark, volcanic sandy loam soils and comprises a mixed variety, including Typica and Arusha. Proudly presented under the Ulya AX label, this high-end plantation-style coffee is characterized by a well-balanced profile, featuring good acidity and a medium body. It’s a testament to the rich history and dedication to quality that define coffee production in this region.

  • Dose: 21g in 
  • Yield: 40g out
  • Run time: 30 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)

  • REGION: PNG, Ulya
  • ALTITUDE: 1400 - 1800 MASL
  • VARIETAL: Typica
  • PROCESS: Washed