Grouch & Co - 2Faced Luxe Decaf


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2faced is a specialty grade single origin whole bean, water processed, luxe decaf. 

You'll be faced with the devilish notes of chocolate & citrus, full bodied, lush, but with the saintly decaf composition.

Lightly roasted, 2faced is suitable for spro or french press

Origin: Mexican, Huatusco

Grade: Specialty

Processing: water processed

Acidity: medium to high

Aroma: refreshing and vibrant

Don Pepe Estate is a producer with more than 30 years of experience. Founded in 1994 under the direction of Jose Gorbena Marenco, they launched their first venture in to the coffee industry in Cordoba, followed shortly thereafter in to another venture in Huatusco. Jose applied his wealth of managerial experience in the coffee industry to establish the company in Veracruz. With the purchase of land and the construction of adequate facilities, they successfully pioneered modernisation of the coffee industry.

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