Barista Society

Coffee is universal, Coffee is conversational.

We want to help extend your coffee conversation.

With over a decade of experience in coffee at Grouch and Co, we've tried every brewing method we can get our hands on, we source and roast all our own beans in store and you've all been enjoying the fruits of our labour in our concept store. Now we take it a step further, we're bringing you behind the curtain with the Grouch and Co Barista Society, a new Perth based  Barista school and learning centre.

At the Barista Society, it's as simple or as in depth as you'd like, we are here to educate and inspire an appreciation for specialty coffee.

If it involves coffee, we're all about it. Let us take you on a design your own coffee adventure, to share with you the knowledge and experience we've attained on our journey so far.

Whether you're investing in a new brewing method for at home or work, or looking to upskill, we're here to help you get the most out of everything specialty coffee has to offer, because we know coffee is more than just latte art or pulling the perfect espresso. How do we know this? We keep abreast of the latest coffee trends, brewing methods and equipment right next door in our concept store. If it's new and hot in coffee, we've tested it in our concept store for you already.

We want to teach you how to get the most out of your beans, from the brew water to the grinder. You can even BYO coffee machine and we’ll teach you on your own equipment. At the Barista Society we are on a mission to push the coffee conversation forward and give people a well rounded education in coffee. Our courses take you behind the scenes, introducing you to coffee farming, processing and even roasting, to give a greater appreciation and understanding of our favorite beverage. We want to get you into the culture of coffee, whether you’re a coffee professional, a home barista or an aspiring latte artist, we have a course tailor made for you.

What's the extent of your coffee conversation?