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Brewista Nasty Jug Milk Frothing Pitcher

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Elevate your latte experience with Irvine Quek, the youngest winner of the World Latte Art Competition. Brewista joined forces with Irvine to innovate a pitcher that helps you get the control you need to make perfectly-frothed coffee creations. The Nasty Jug's unconventional name epitomizes its bold look, along with a professional design to help beginners and aficionados alike master the art of the foam.


  • Longer groove and "V" shape spout design give better flow control.
  • high stability pouring to help you create your own latte art.
  • 400mL (white) or 600mL (blue) milk frothing pitchers have a tall, oval shape to help let the milk flow more at the spout and reduce the distance to the surface of the coffee.