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Cruz Gorda / El Salvador - Single origin

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 REGION: El Salvador, Los Naranjos, Apaneca


VARIETAL: Bourbon, Pacas

PROCESS: Semi Washed

PRODUCER: Mauricio Salaverria

TASTING: This stellar El salv has a velvety mouthfeel that's smoother than your pickup lines on a Friday night, combine that with ripe berries, vanilla bean, toffee and according to Spencer (Mr fancy Pants) Feijoa.

Notes:  Cruz Gorda is a farm situated in the Los Naranjos micro-region of Apaneca, located in the western part of El Salvador. It boasts breathtaking views of the renowned Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range from its highest point. The area is abundant in various plant and animal species, such as deer, rabbits, gold-fronted woodpeckers, and several types of danger noodles / nope ropes. 

The farm's soil, composed of sandy loam, is well-suited for cultivating coffee amidst the pine trees, rolling hills, and pastures in the vicinity. Mauricio and his team are known for producing high-quality bourbon and pacas varietals on Cruz Gorda. They grow these coffee plants under the shade of large conifer trees.

Mauricio carefully selects the cherries from October to January and sorts them according to their size and ripeness to create his signature semi-washed Bourbon and Pacas lots. The cherries undergo semi-washed pulping and washing before drying on large, raised African beds. Initially, they are thickly layered to reduce the moisture content to 10-12% gradually, enhancing sweetness and texture while ensuring even drying. Mauricio and his team at Cruz Gorda are committed to producing coffee that meets the standards of specialty roasters.

The thick layering technique during drying maximizes sweetness in the cup, and even drying results in a clean profile with excellent clarity. Their dedication to ensuring consistent quality with minimal environmental impact aligns with Project Origin's values of Quality, Sustainability, and Community.

Dose: 21g in 

Yield: 42g out
Run time: 30 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)