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El Arbol - Carbonic Maceration - LOT 805

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We are so excited to bring you a special Carbonic Maceration coffee from Project Origin. This Nicaraguan single origin is rich in flavour and is a juicy treat. 

REGION: Nicaragua, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

 ALTITUDE: 1200- 1500 MASL

VARIETAL: Pacamara

PROCESS: Natural, Carbonic Maceration

TASTING: Mango, strawberry, ripe apple, jammy, musk Sticks, toffee, honey-like mouth feel, juicy tropical fruit vibes.


El Árbol CM N Jasper  Lot: 805 Processing Details cherries picked ripe and red at 20-22 Brix. Hand sorting of anything under or over-ripe cherries are sealed in fermentation tanks flushed with CO2 and left in a warm environment for several days Drying on raised beds in the shade drying typically takes 20-25 days, moisture content reduced to 10-12% . The coffee is stored in dried cherry pods until milling for export

About El Árbol – a Project Origin farm In 2016, Project Origin founder Saša Šestić teamed up with coffee producer Claudia Lovo and several coffee professionals to purchase Finca El Árbol in the Dipilto region of Nicaragua. The name means ‘the tree’ and was aptly chosen for the giant tree that dominates the centre of the farm. The goal here was to transform El Árbol from a commodity coffee farm to one that could produce high quality, specialty coffee in a fully organic way. With Claudia’s guidance, the farm has been transformed from an overgrown commodity farm to a well-maintained sanctuary for flora, fauna, the local community, and specialty coffee. The farm grows a range of coffee varietals and has been the source of many innovations and experiments in processing techniques. El Árbol’s aim to become completely organic by 2025 is making great progress. The team are reducing the use of chemicals, gradually replacing them with organic compost, and increasing the biodiversity in the local area so the natural environment can return to being self-sustaining and nutrient rich. This should ensure high quality coffee production, generating fair prices and allowing the farm can continue to support its 14 full time workers and their families. Claudia and Saša have gone to great lengths to focus on the workers at El Árbol. Before the farm itself was refurbished, investments were made into the accommodation and resources used by the workers and their families. All meals are cooked on the farm and basic health and dental care are provided to all staff and their children. The farm even employs English and computer tutors for on-site education.

Claudia Lovo is one of the founders of our local partners in Nicaragua, Bridazul. ‘Brid’ commonly refers to a cable tie or clamp, but a more general meaning is ‘to tie’ or ‘to connect’. ‘Azul’ means blue and is the dominant colour on the Nicaraguan flag. The combination of these words is used to symbolise the connection between what happens at a coffee farm with the end user and being able to trace and understand every step along the way. Bridazul is committed to securing fair value for producers through considering the cost of production and quality of the coffee and commits to not selling coffees in a way that loses money for the producers, as this is not sustainable long term. Simultaneously, where coffee quality is high but cost of production is not, the pricing is not exaggerated unnecessarily. This helps build relationships between buyers and producers that are mutually beneficial long term, where both parties can feel secure and justified in their part of the sale. Founders of Bridazul, Claudia and Tim, work with producers to encourage connection, community and information sharing. By doing this, they aim to help producers throughout Dipilto to increase the quality of their coffees and provide more for their communities.


Dose: 21g in 

Yield: 40g out
Run time: 27 seconds Pre-infusion 10 seconds (5 seconds low bar then ramp up)