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Guji Ethiopian - Single Origin

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Guji Guribea is a stella naturally processed ethiopian single origin. 

TASTING: Espresso = Dark Chocolate cherry ripe. Batch brew / filter =  it's giving Ribena. 

PROCESSING NOTES: Processed naturally, this coffee epitomizes a commitment to unwavering quality, seen from harvesting between November and January during the April to October rain season. Embracing an organic-by-default ethos, Esaias Beriso Arere ensures that only fully ripened red cherries, handpicked by his family, contribute to the 150 drying beds. The result is a brew that encapsulates the profound passion and dedication of the Beriso family with each gratifying sip.

ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Esaias Beriso Arere located in Oromia's West Guji zone. The 32-hectare estate, perched at an impressive altitude of 2350 meters, boasts red clay soil, defining the distinguished origin of this exceptional coffee. With 2500 trees per hectare, each cup of Guji, Guribea embodies the meticulous synergy between elevated terrain, soil integrity, and conscientious cultivation.

Recommended extraction is 21gs in, 37gs out. Run time of 31 seconds (you can include a 10second pre-infusion as part of the run time).

  • REGION: Ethiopia, Guji, Hambela Wamena
  • PRODUCER: Esaias Beriso Arere
  • VARIETAL: Regional Landrace
  • PROCESS: Natural

This amazing 32 - hectare estate has super high altitude combined with red clay soil gives this coffee exceptional flavour - Your tasting the Terroir.