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  • Grouch & Co Hand Blended Chai - Grouch&Co
  • Grouch & Co Hand Blended Chai - Grouch&Co
  • Grouch & Co Hand Blended Chai - Grouch&Co

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This chai is Grouch’s love child. Sweet honey, spicy cloves, starry-eyed anise… this is a special blend concocted during late nights in exotic lands. Inspired by aged tradition and the promise of tomorrow, our Chai is a story-book in a teapot.
Using the highest quality ingredients that we can get our hands on, this chai wet mix is made with traditional chai masala. Chai masala is a black tea mixed with luxurious elements like cardamom, rose, ginger, fennel. Then we have the bliss of adding local WA honey (which is active with anti-bacterial properties) and a few more secret spices.

Then we indulgently mix it all together by hand, while the aromas make us quite heady. The result is our unique Grouch Chai which we spoon delicately into glass amber bottles, ready for you to take home.


Teapot / Dairy free - Simply infuse 2 spoonfuls of your Chai into hot water & allow the aromas to sing, then you’ll know the chai drink is ready to strain and savour.

Coffee Machine / Almond milk or Dairy Milk - Spoon 2 tablespoons of Chai into a jug then add cold milk. Steam the Milk with the chai in it until the milk has reached 65 degrees. Strain off the chai and serve sprinkled with panela or cinnamon. 

Stove top / Almond milk or Dairy Milk - Take a small saucepan and add your milk, spoon two tablespoons of chai into saucepan. Mix over heat until the milk has changed colour (light cream colour), Don't let the milk boil. Should take approx 3-5mins

200g Amber Bottle

Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Ingredients: Camellia sinensis, local WA honey, cinnamon, cardamom, rose, ginger, cassia, fennel, black pepper, star anise, cloves. 

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