Home Espresso Machine Tutorial #2 - Intermediate

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Feel like you're pretty close to being a pro behind your home espresso machine, but seem to be getting stuck at the same hurdles time and time again? Or perhaps you want some help on steaming beautiful milk, then this tutorial is for you!

Or If you've completed our first tutorial and are keen to learn more about the finer details of coffee making, including how to steam silky smooth milk and learning how to adjust your grind and extraction to create the most delicious coffee, then look no further.

What's covered in our Home Espresso Machine Tutorial #2 - Intermediate

  • What’s happening to milk when you steam it

  • How to get bubble-free, smooth milk from your machine

  • How to adjust your grinder for different types of beans and which beans are best for you.

  • Understand “secret settings” that may be within your machine

  • Understanding coffee distribution and how it affects your coffee

Attendees must have a good basic knowledge level and be competent when using their machine, this tutorial doesn't cover the basics (head to tutorial #1 if that's what you need) 

Run Time - 1.5 hours Type - Our Home Espresso Machine Tutorials are private classes where you will receive 1 on 1 attention from us. Please check out our terms and conditions for info on changes or cancellations to bookings.