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Los Vindas / Costa Rica - Single origin

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PROCESS: Black Honey

TASTING: Soft melon notes of Papaya and honeydew with a rich butterscotch finish.

Notes: Cerro Los Vindas is a coffee farm on the slopes of the Tacuotarí mountains, Tarrazú. The land, initially thought to be too steep for anything other than cattle farming, was bought by three brothers Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo. The brothers saw potential in these spectacular slopes, recognising that the rich volcanic soil combined with the smooth, pacific-influence and relatively dry climate were ideal for coffee growing. They planted Caturra and Catuaí trees which have contributed to protecting the crystalline river flowing through their land and preventing erosion on the mountain slopes. 

The coffee for this lot was processed in a micro mill, using a method known as Black Honey. This process removes only the outer layer of the coffee cherry leaving the entire mucilage intact, it is then dried on patios for up to twelve days. This long drying time gives the coffee sweetness and soft, yet complex acidity that makes the extra effort well worth it.

This is great as an espresso or as a full-bodied filter.


Dose: 21g in 
Yield: 42g out
Run time: 28 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)