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Moanti PNG - Single origin

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Moanti is a great example of a well-balanced bright PNG. Named after a pioneering coffee entrepreneur Moanti Ise. 

TASTING: Green grape juice & crisp apple vibes.

PROCESSING NOTES: Cherries are handpicked and pulped at farm level using hand eco pulpers before being sundried on raised beds. Once the parchment is collected & taken to one of the Moanti buying points and on to the Moanti dry mill for processing. 

ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Moanti Ise is from the Dunattina Region and is one of very few recognised female coffee entrepreneurs,having successfully established a parchment buying network within her owncommunity and building her business from a “scale on the road” to havingseveral buying points and village setting storage facilities.
Moanti coffee is grown almost entirely in small coffee gardens situated on
mountain ridges and farmed by a network of smallholder producers in the Henganofi District of the Eastern Highlands Province.

Recommended extraction is 21gs in, 40gs out. Run time of 31 seconds (you can include a 10second pre-infusion as part of the run time).

  • REGION: PNG, Eastern Highlands Province
  • ALTITUDE: 1130 - 2390 MASL
  • VARIETAL: Typica, Arusha & Bourbon

Named after local farmer and founder Mrs Moanti Ise from the Dunattina region and is one of the very few recognised female coffee entrepreneurs.