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Pascha - Easter Espresso Blend

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Introducing our Easter blend - Pascha.

This blend is a total eggs-perience, blended with two single origins from Ethiopia and Rwanda, with tasting notes of dark chocolate and raisins that'll have you saying "Yum, that's egg-citing!"

This espresso blend is no ordinary brew, my friend. It's brewed to perfection with a blend of beans that are so fresh, they're probably still hop-Ping around. The Ethiopian beans bring a fruitiness to the blend, while the Rwandan beans add a little kick of chocolate. Together, they make a brew that's so good, it'll have you shaking your tail-feather with joy.

Whether you're sipping on a shot of espresso or whipping up a latte, this blend will give you the Easter egg-stra boost you need to tackle the day. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to your coffee maker and try Pascha Easter Espresso Blend today. We promise it'll be an egg-cellent decision.

*Sorry we wrote this after eating all of the Cadbury cream eggs and we are way too lazy to rewrite it.  

Extraction Info:

Recommended extraction is 21gs in, 40gs out. Run time of 30 seconds (you can include a 10-second pre-infusion as part of the run time).

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