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Sao Silvestre, Brazil - Single Origin

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 REGION: Brazil, Cerrado 


VARIETAL: Red Catuai

PROCESS: Natural Aerobic

TASTING: Sweet and well-balanced with smacks of cranberry, melon, papaya, and a little lick of milk chocolate

NOTES: The Andrade family are the producers of this outstanding Brazilian coffee, they acquired the farm Sao Silvestre in Serra do Salitre in the state of Minas Gerais in the Early 90s and have been cultivating high-quality specialty coffee ever since. 

The meaning of Sao Silvestre is Immaculate wilderness, because of the beauty of the region and perfect climate. 

The Red catuai were fermented inside an open-air tank, after fermentation, the cherries went straight to raised beds to slowly dry. 

Great Black

Dose: 21g in 

Yield: 40g out
Run time: 30 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)