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Maguta Supernatural, Kenya - SIngle origin

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 REGION: KENYA, Nyeri & Embu

 ALTITUDE: 1650-1800 MASL

VARIETAL: Ruiru / SL 28


PRODUCER: David Ngibuini

TASTING: Stewed peaches, blueberries, maple syrup & vanilla with a bright juicy vibe.

NOTES: Maguta Estate is run by David Ngibuini who produces the most extraordinary Kenyan coffee,  The Murware Farmers who deliver their cherries to this Estate possess a team spirit and assist each other to maintain their farming standards. This group is a fast-growing cluster of farmers in the Muruguru area with a collective 18000 trees growing coffee cherries on red volcanic soils. The Maguta Estate contains enough materials to process coffee to a high-quality that allows the producers and farmers to be paid a better income.

It has 10 fermentation tanks, 3 shaded parabolic drying tables each with a 1-tonne capacity, an all-concrete fermentation room, Brix meter, pH meter, and more to help improve the processing quality.

Processing Details
o Later harvest cherries are delivered to the wet mill where the farmer hand sorts based on. colour
o Ripe cherries are processed in airtight environment for an extended period at a cool
temperature to slow down fermentation
o Cherries are then laid on raised beds in thick stacks to dry and regularly cocooned to
maintain temperature during the first week of drying
o Cherries were then spread in thin layers for the remaining 20 days of drying
o Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
o Drying typically takes 25-30 days
o Coffee is then delivered to the dry mill and stored in dried cherry pods for protection until ready for dry milling and export

 This is great for either espresso or filter 

Dose: 20g in 

Yield: 45g out
Run time: 28 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)