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Long Mac, Who dis??

Long Mac, Who dis??

What is a Long Mac topped up?

And how did Western Australia come to create it’s very own drink? 

This has been such a contentious topic and never have we received so many DMs about a subject. So let’s dive in!

There are two things Western Australians hate. One is Clive Palmer and the other is being told that a Long Mac topped up doesn’t exist.

Long Mac Topped Up

To explain what a long mac is we need to go back to the beginning and ask, 

What is a Macchiato?

A macchiato is a single espresso extraction with a splash of milk or just a dollop of foam. A simple drink that is very short and strong. Let’s just stop and remember where this whole ordeal started. Italy! So the word Macchiato comes from the word Macchiare meaning to mark/ stain.

So then we have a coffee called Caffe macchiato which is what we now call a macchiato.  Are you keeping up 🤷🏼‍♀️ ?

Butttt, we are Australians and we always want just a little more / stronger / longer/ bigger and better. So now the question is,

What is a Long Macchiato?

A long macchiato is a double espresso extraction with a splash of milk (just to stain) or a dollop of foam. So now we have the Short Mac and the Long Mac. Now, these two beverages don’t exist in every state. In fact, if you try and order a long mac in Victoria they will just look at you like you have two heads.

There is more to this! Now as one coffee professional wrote to us, why wouldn't Australians put milk in everything we have the best dairies in the world! Thanks, Gina (Bannister downs is 100% Australian Owned!!!) Our cow milk is the best on the planet. And of course, yes we invented the Flat white. 

Enter the convo = WESTERN AUSTRALIA 

Well as most of you know we consider ourselves kind of a separate entity YEP that hard border closure has just made it clearer. We are basically a different country and like different countries, things get lost in translation. So somewhere between,  The Long Mac topped up happened. 

Now as many West Aussies have told us don’t try and order a Long Mac topped up anywhere else other than Perth. You will get all sorts of interpretations. 

In QLD, and NSW you will get LONG BLACK WITH MILK (SOO NOT WHAT YOU WOULD WANT). In VIC you will just get dirty stares and the question ARE YOU FROM PERTH? So we bow our heads in anticipation of the lecture and say,  Yes, yes we are. The oncoming lecture speaks about lattes and flat whites and milk to coffee ratios. 

(insert crying face emoji )We just wanted a strong coffee.

The Long Mac is proudly Western Australian

There are Instagram accounts dedicated to it. We have one Perthite who has set up a go fund me to try and convince Hugh Jackman to include it on a menu in his restaurant.

We have a doughnut company named after it. Is it really that bad??

Australians invented the Flat white so why can't us Western Australians have the Long Mac topped UP??

Coffee Rules

There are some rules what we must abide by if we want the privilege of inventing our own coffee.  Long Macs topped up should come in a size NO bigger than a 12oz cup. 

We have to have some rules otherwise this will go to the dogs (some other states would argue that Western Australia is the Wild West - (Clive take note of what happens in the wild west)) (not a threat just an observation) 

So customers , if you want to order anything bigger than a 12oz coffee and want a Strong milk-based beverage order a latte with an extra shot. 

Baristas of Perth, don’t take this new fancy named coffee away from your customers. You know what they want. Just take a deep breath and make it. 

If your travelling overseas (or to another landlocked country ie VIC. NSW etc) use their language and order a latte with an extra shot.  

Rant over!