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Q: What is specialty coffee?

A: Specialty coffee is such an overdone statement these days – it makes us yawn!!

What specialty coffee means to us is caring about where the bean comes from and making sure the farmer receives fair pay. Once we get the green beans in our hot little hands, we light roast them to perfection, ensuring we don’t ruin their incredible flavour profile and you get a top notch coffee.

We don’t buy commodity grade beans like you might find at your run of the mill chain stores, we buy high quality coffee which generally scores above 86 in the coffee scoring index (look that sh**t up). You can have confidence that when you buy from us, what you are getting is ethically sourced, treated with care and will produce a damn fine brew, however you make it.


Q: Do you wholesale to cafes?

A: Hell yes!! We most definitely do! We wholesale our blends and single origin beans to a number of cafes across wa. Want to get Grouch & Co beans into your café, hit us up at or buzz us on 9319 8188.


Q: Why is sparky a seasonal blend?

A: Sparky is a seasonal blend created using the best of the current season’s coffee crop. This means that throughout the year, as beans come in and out of season, our blend will vary slightly. We always ensure we use beans that are in season and taste best together. This means you can be confident that it will always taste amazing.

Sparky seasonal blend has been designed to pair perfectly with milk, this specialty blend is smoother than a So Fresh CD in your mums cortina.


Q: What is ping?

A: Ping got its name for being our elixir for late nights and early mornings; for when you need to take a sip of coffee and feel instantly alert and ready to smash your day, or night.

Ping is a choc-top bomb specialty grade, full bodied blend that will make you glide and swerve like Warren G. We hope that when you drink ping, you feel energised and ready to conquer anything, a bit like popping a pinger, but without it being totally illegal.

Ping pours well with alternative milks like soy, coconut and almond.


Q: Do you flavour your coffee?

A: Hell to the no!!!! We believe in being all natural baby.

None of our coffee beans are flavoured in any way, shape, or form! The only flavours you will find in our coffee are naturally occurring and will depend on the type of bean you buy or drink. All of our single origin beans have tasting notes on their packaging explaining the type of flavours you will find in the coffee!


Q: Do you run barista courses?

A: We sure do, hit up our shop section and you will find our options. If you need any help deciding what one is best, just book them all lol.


Q: What’s your most popular coffee?

A: Sparky would have to be our most popular all rounder. The kind of coffee that can do no wrong! It pairs beautifully with milk and also tastes great black.

As we regularly rotate our single origins our most popular/staff favourites are always changing. If you can make it into our concept store ask one of our baristas what their favourite single is, they love having a good yarn.


Q: What’s at your concept store?

A: Our concept store in Myaree is where the action happens. We roast in our warehouse out the back, which is where we also make our chai and hot chocolate mix and bottle our cold brew (you should try one if you haven’t already).

Our concept store is packed full of retail items including our specialty blends and current single origins. We also have a huge range of brew gear for all you coffee lovers.

Along with beans and brew gear our store is fitted with a cafe which serves coffee and a delicious range of grab & go food items, sweet and savoury.

Our concept store is open:

Monday - Friday 6:30am-2pm and Saturday 8am-12pm


Q: Can my office get beans delivered regularly?

A: We love nothing more than offices getting top quality beans, no one likes to drink terrible coffee in a boring office, are we right?!

Grouch can deliver you freshly roasted coffee on a recurring basis, depending on how quickly you go through it. For more info & prices, hit us up at


Q: Do you actually roast in your concept store?

A: We sure do, come in and check out our roaster and green beans out if you don’t believe us! We roast in small batches. This is to ensure that all our beans are roasted to perfection and always taste amazing.


Q: How to collab with us?

A: We love to collaborate with like minded, locally run companies who are out there, like us, grinding each day to create and do better.

Think your company might work perfectly with us for a collab? Or just want to throw around some awesome ideas that are in your head? We would love to chat…