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Who is Grouch

So, you want to get to know us? Well, we like long walks on the beach, drinking margaritas and firmly believe that Die Hard is officially the best Christmas movie of all time.

Welcome to Grouch and Co Coffee Roasters. 

Grouch is a specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesale coffee supplier based in sunny old Perth, Western Australia. 

Proudly female led, Grouch is about inclusivity and pushing the boundaries. We hunt down coffee that excites and inspires us, only roasting specialty grade green. We only deal with green bean suppliers that are transparent and can provide a paper trail of everyone along the coffee chain, especially the farmers, being paid for their work. No one got time for slavery. 

We roast daily in our Warehouse, in small batches then carefully curate seasonal blends with specialty grade coffee, not a bulk blender in sight (Ya welcome). Our limited edition single origin range rotates constantly keeping up with the freshest green available.(read as get it or it's gone)

Grouch has won numerous awards (insert humble brag here) since inception in 2014 (such a great movie) including the coveted Australian International Coffee Award - Champion Espresso and many Golden bean medals for Espresso blends and Single Origin coffees. We are Proudly members of International Women's Coffee Alliance Australia Inc