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Coffee pods

Turn on your machine and let it warm up. Make sure it’s full with filtered water (do not use tap water).
Before inserting a pod, press the extraction button and let the water run for at least 5 seconds.
Give your pod a little shake to ensure its evenly distributed, pop it in and brew immediately. Use the button that is programmed for specialty coffee pods (running for no more than 30 seconds), it should give you 25-30mls of coffee extraction.
1 pod to 5oz of milk. So for a mug (12oz) you will need 2 pods. 



Which coffee machines can I use Grouch coffee pods with?
Our pods are compatible with most pod coffee machines including Nespresso.

Is the warranty on my coffee machine still valid if I use Grouch pods?|
Yes, the pods you use in your machine do not affect your warranty.

How long can I store my Grouch pods?
We recommend using your pods within 12 months to ensure the freshest of coffee!

Where does your coffee come from?
We source ethical, green beans and roast them locally at our warehouse in Myaree, Western Australia.

Should I use filtered water in my coffee machine?
Yes, the better your water tastes, the better your coffee tastes!

My coffee machine is a bit hard to close when I use a Grouch pod - is this normal?
Yes, this is perfectly normal and it won’t damage your machine.

How long do I extract Grouch pods for?
We recommend extracting our pods for about 25 seconds (no longer than 30 seconds) which should give you 25-30mls of coffee.

How do I make an espresso?
Pop in a pod and extract it for 25 seconds (no longer than 30 seconds) which should give you 25-30mls of coffee. Want a double espresso? Use 2 pods!

How do I make a long black?
Add hot water to your cup and then extract an espresso shot as above.

How do I make a flat white?
Extract an espresso shot and add hot milk.

How do I make an iced coffee?
Extract an espresso shot and add cold milk.

I like my coffee strong, can i use 2 pods?
Yes! we recommend 1 pod per 5oz of milk, so if you like your coffee stronger or in a large mug, use 2 pods.

My pod fell straight through to the pod holder - what do I do?
Simply try again! Also, as machines age, the mechanism to pierce the pod can get blunt.

How do I maintain my coffee machine?
Use filtered water, descale your machine regularly and follow the manufactures instructions.

How do I dispose of my Grouch coffee pods?
Grouch pods are completely bio-degradable - no need to seperate the lid from the pod just pop in in your red lidded bin and it will breakdown naturally.


Nespresso® compatible capsules

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