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Cold brew coffee Negroni in a round glass with ice and a slice of pink grapefruit

How to make a Cold Brew Negroni

We absolutely love a Negroni, the bitterness with light undertones of sweetness from the orange peel - it really doesn’t get much better…until now!

The origin of this drink dates back to Florence, Italy in 1919 where legend has it Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender friends to strengthen his favourite cocktail - the Americano. He asked his friend to replace the soda water with gin, the bartender did this and decided to add orange rind into the drink. Alas, the Negroni was born.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Negroni stays true to the drinks roots, with a little twist that will keep you feeling fresh and alert for hours!


  • 30 ml - Gin of choice
  • 20 ml - Campari
  • 20 ml - Martini Vermouth
  • 10 ml - Cold Brew Coffee (black)
  • Ice cubs
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Orange / citrus of choice 


  • Have all ingredients out and ready to rumble
  • Remove small amount of citrus rind ready to garnish your cocktail ( we used home-grown pink grapefruit in this recipe and it was amazing. we also included a small slither of the fruit along with the rind)
  • Place 30 ml gin into shaker
  • Place 20 ml Campari into shaker
  • Place 30 ml Martini Vermouth into shaker
  • Pour 10 ml Cold Brew coffee into shaker
  • Place 1 large ice-block or a handful of small ice-blocks into your shaker.
  • Pop the lid onto your shaker and shake it!
  • Place 1 large ice cube or a number of smaller cubes into your serving glass (don’t add too many or you’ll dilute your drink!)
  • Pour cocktail into serving glass, garnish with citrus rind & slither of fruit (if desired)

Happy cocktail making, Stay Grouchy

For those who love the idea but can't quite get yourself sorted, Grouch and Co's Cold Brew Negroni packs are perfect