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Junior Barista Class

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September 2023 School Holiday Bookings are now open. 

Welcome to the Grouch and Co Barista School's School Holiday Classes designed specifically for aspiring young baristas aged 13 and above. Our engaging and interactive program offers two levels of competency to cater to beginners and intermediate students, providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of coffee and everything barista-related.

Duration - 1.5 hours You can book this for a 1 on 1 experience or book in with up to 5 of your friends for this private experience. Please check out our terms and conditions for info on changes or cancellations to bookings. 

Beginners - Introduction to Coffee and Everything Barista: In this introductory level, students will embark on an exciting journey to explore the art of coffee-making. Our experienced instructors will guide them through the fundamentals of espresso extraction, the secrets of texturing milk to perfection, and the various types of beverages that can be created. From mastering the espresso machine to understanding the alchemy of milk and coffee, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart their barista adventures.

Intermediate - Mastering Coffee Craftsmanship and Career Preparation: For those who have already dabbled in the art of coffee-making or have completed our beginners' course, our intermediate level is perfect for taking their skills to the next level. Students will delve deeper into the world of coffee, focusing on dialing in and understanding espresso, achieving exceptional milk texture, and perfecting the art of pouring. Additionally, we'll equip them with valuable insights on how to apply for a job in a cafe, including tips on approaching a manager and showcasing their skills during an interview. We'll also cover essential aspects of customer service to help students excel in a cafe environment.

At Grouch and Co Barista School, we believe in hands-on learning, which is why our classes provide ample opportunities for practice and experimentation. Students will have access to state-of-the-art espresso machines and the finest speciality coffee beans, ensuring a truly immersive and rewarding experience.

Our experienced instructors are passionate about coffee and dedicated to nurturing the talents of young baristas. They create a supportive and inclusive environment where students can ask questions, learn from mistakes, and develop their skills with confidence.

By joining our School Holiday Classes, students will not only acquire a solid foundation in the art of coffee-making but also gain valuable life skills such as teamwork, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. They will leave our program with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their barista dreams, whether as a passionate hobby or a future career.

Enroll your child/teen in at Grouch and Co Barista School's School Holiday Classes today and unlock their potential as budding coffee connoisseurs and skilled baristas. Give them the gift of knowledge, creativity, and the thrill of crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

Note: Please check our website or contact our team for the schedule, availability, and any additional details regarding our School Holiday Classes. For children 13+