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Wholesale Coffee


Coffee supply for your cafe. At Grouch we are all about our customers! We are proud to be independently owned and operated, there is no large multi-corporate b*s here! Not only do we supply the best-tasting coffee we can also help you grow your business with a range of tools - from Marketing advice to tried and tested policy and procedures to help workflow. Our expert team is here to help.

Training staff. Our team can take some of that small business weight off your shoulders, let us do all your coffee training. New staff? Let us come to you and train them freeing you up to focus on your business.

Better tasting coffee We are experienced in helping you extract the best out of your coffee. We can help you set up your cafe from the very start to ensure your coffee is tasting on point. Want recipes but not sure where to start?  Not a problem we can share our extensive experience and ASCA qualified judges to help. 

Setting up a new cafe?

We have years of hands on experience when it comes to setting up cafe or restaurant.

Planning a cafe?

We have over 20 years of experience in setting up and running cafes and hospitality ventures. We can assist you from the very start - with staff who know their way around building plans/elevations and all those things you never knew you needed. We are also across local government planning regulations and can assist in helping you comply. 

We are dedicated to helping you and your business grow. 

Want to increase your customer retention?  Improving your coffee offering is a great start. Giving them quality coffee will not only help improve customer happiness but also keep them coming back for more.