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Latte Art Master Class

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Do you make amazing coffee but ruin it every time by pouring something that looks more like an alien than a floating swan?

Our latte art workshops are for the professional or home baristas that have mastered the basics of coffee but would like to up their game a little further.

This workshop is a two-hour, hands-on workshop where participants will get on the tools and learn in a group setting. 

If you have mastered basic designs already and want to expand your milky repertoire, our trainers can teach you the secrets behind pouring impressive and intricate designs in milk, including a winged or stacked heart, rosetta's and even a swan if you’re into that. 

All attendees will leave the workshop with the skills to be able to pour at least a basic heart design and the tools and knowledge to work towards creating more exciting and intricate designs. 

Duration - 2 hours. You can book this for a 1 on 1 experience or book in with up to 6 of your friends for this private experience. Please check out our terms and conditions for info on changes or cancellations to bookings.