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Clever Dripper - Large

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The Clever Dripper is exactly that, Clever! In true Immersion brewing style, this device gives you great flavour extraction. BPA free and super easy to clean this Clever little dripper is all things plus more. Lightweight this brewer is a traveller’s best friend. Paired with the Filtropa #4 papers this brewer is mess-free and you can brew it anywhere, and we mean anywhere.

1 - Grind coffee as you would for a french press

2 - insert filter paper ( #4 Filtropa) and rinse

3- Empty water from device

4 - Add 15g of coffee

5 - Add 50mls of water and let the coffee bloom for 30seconds

6 - Agitate the slurry 3 times clockwise

7 - add the rest of the hot water to the top

8 - Put lid on and let brew for 3 mins

9 - Take the lid off and place the device on top of a large mug or cup

10 - let it drain and enjoy your coffee

PS, the filter papers and coffee is a great addition to your compost pile.