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Junior Barista Class

JUNIOR BARISTAS:  Sign up for Grouch and Co School Holiday Barista School. 

Feel like an NPC in the coffee world? Get booked into Grouch and Co Barista School's School Holiday Classes. It's highkey coffee, made for baby baristas aged 13 and 17.

💰 The Deal: Kicking off at a sweet $90, this is your ticket to coffee enlightenment.

🎟️ Snag Your Spot: Book Now or do you want to gift this vibe? Grab a Barista School gift voucher tbh it's the best gift in town.

⏰ The Sitch: We're talking 1.5 hours of pure caffeinated fun. Grab your squad; you can roll solo or bring up to 5 pals. Check the terms and conditions for the lowdown on changes or cancellations.

For Newbies - Espresso Adventures Unleashed: Wanna be the CEO of your espresso machine? We got you. In this class, our pro instructors spill the beans on espresso magic, the art of milk, and endless coffee recipes. From conquering the machine to decoding the secrets of milk and coffee, you'll leave ready to own the barista game.

For the Coffee Pro - Unleash the Pro: You've played with coffee; now let's get serious. Get the lowdown on espresso, silky milk, and the art of the perfect pour. Plus, we'll spill the beans on adulting & landing that cafe gig, from impressing the boss to nailing the interview and getting the 🤑

At Grouch and Co Barista School, it's all about vibes and hands-on learning. Top-notch espresso machines and the finest specialty coffee beans are your playground for learning and experimenting.

👩‍🎓 Enroll Your Young Barista Today! Unlock their potential, gift them creativity, and let them thrill in crafting the perfect cup. For kids 13+

Here's to baby baristas in the making! ☕💚