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Barista Master Class

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Are you a budding home barista who loves making coffee, but always seem to hit the same roadblock when behind the machine?  Or a professional who wants to level up their coffee game? Perhaps you can’t get your coffee to extract in the right amount of time, or are unsure how to correctly distribute your grind?

Then STOP what you’re doing and look no further, you have found the answer!!

Our Master Class at our Barista school next door to Grouch is exactly what you need to level up. At the Barista school, you will have the undivided attention of one of our trainers, they are there to help you with whatever issues you are having behind the machine. They will help troubleshoot the issue, explain in easy to understand terms what is going wrong and then show you how to fix it! You will then get time to practice and iron out anything you are still unsure about.

This Private Master Class is perfect for all skill levels, from someone who makes coffee at home for their partner and would prefer some 1 on 1 help. To the barista pumping out 400+ coffees per day. No question is too silly.

Duration - 2 hour You can book this for a 1 on 1 experience or book in with up to 6 of your friends for this private experience. Please check out our terms and conditions for info on changes or cancellations to bookings. This is a female and lgbtqi+ friendly Course.