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Badonkadonk buffer - wholesale

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Want to polish your peach? 🍑  Our Specialty Coffee Scrub will leaving your body soft and smooth some would say perfectly polished. 

This hand made Specialty Coffee Scrub is the perfect whole body exfoliation. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth! No rubbish unethically traded pre-used coffee grinds here!! Badonkadonk is made with locally roasted specialty Coffee From us (ya welcome) Ethically traded & transparently sourced, coconut blossom sugar, sea salt, avocado oil, sweet almond and coconut oil. Your body will thank you every time you use this amazing coffee scrub.

This specialty coffee scrub will have you using it at every chance. Who doesn't want a perfectly polished peach?

150g & 500g Clear bag

Instructions for use

Standing in the shower or in the bath, take a generous amount of scrub and rub it into damp skin in a circular motion. Rinse well. Use twice a week on legs, body, and bootie for best results.