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Hario V60 Dripper | Clear Plastic

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The Hario V60 is known as the industry standard for pour-over drip coffee, preferred by most baristas and cafes.

The single large hole allows flavours to be determined by the brewer through controlling the flow rate of water.

We have a great V60 recipe Click here

What's special about the V60 design? Hario is renown for this 60 degree angled design with the large hole in the middle and spiral ridges around the edges. It's this combination that produces a remarkable brew.

The V60 plastic dripper and Hario paper filters is all you need to enjoy a perfect cup of pour over style coffee.

To achieve the best flavour, wet the paper filter first, add the coffee grounds (medium grind) and pour in a circular motion, over the freshly ground coffee.  A gooseneck kettle is recommended for accuracy and control. 


- Direct brewing into server

- Lightweight plastic body

- Maximum heat retention

- Measuring spoon included