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How to brew with a Hario Mugen

How to brew with a Hario Mugen

The Mugen is Coffee gear legend’s Harios newest brewer. Hario, as a company, is renowned for their V60 brewer that sets the industry standard for pour over coffee worldwide, their products are a staple at every specialty coffee shop and they do some of the best coffee gear in the world. Hario have changed it up a little with their new Mugen brewer, where Hario brewers usually have a patented spiral design; the new Mugen brewer has smooth walls with a star shaped curve to it.
The idea behind the Mugen is to create a coffee brewer that is super simple
to use without a lot of knowledge about brewing techniques and will create a fantastic cup of coffee with minimal fuss.

The new Mugen is a single pour brewer making it perfect for coffee drinkers that are after an entry level product. Whereas the V60’s you have to do multiple pours and muck around with bloom phases and the like, the Mugen‘s star shaped design allows for the user to pour continuously into the top of the brewer in a single pour.

If you're looking for a good brewer the Hario range is definitely a go to, with the addition of the new Mugen brewer they now have a great entry level brewer in their range. The Mugen gives you the quality of coffee that you can normally expect from a Hario brewer but is much simpler and quicker to use than their v60 line and is definitely a good addition to anyone's collection.
The cons for the Mugen is that it does not allow as much variation and experimentation of brew styles as it’s counterpart the V60; however if you are after an easy to use, quick, everyday brewer, the Mugen is an outstanding choice.

Hario Mugen Recipe
What you need:
  • 20g ground to Medium coarseness
  • 300ml filtered water at 96°C
  • Hario 02 Filter
  • Carafe/mug/server
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale


  • Take your filter paper and fold it along the seam, then open it and place it into your brewer.
  • Rinse your filter paper with hot water to remove any dust and let it stick to the brewer.

Step 2

  • Place the brewer on top of your vessel, add your 20g of ground coffee then place on your scales and tare.

Step 3

  • Start pouring water onto the coffee bed as slowly as possible whilst still maintaining a steady stream. Start pouring in a circular motion starting from the centre and working your way slowly outward. Keep pouring in this motion until you have reached 330ml of water.
  • Let coffee drain through the filter, the whole process should take about 2 minutes.
  • Pour your brew into your favourite mug and enjoy.