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Cold brew with a Hario Mizudashi

Cold brew with a Hario Mizudashi

Cold Brew, for when your soul craves the smoothest of brews

The Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot is made by Hario, a Japanese company that are well known for making high quality coffee brewing products.

The Mizudashi cold brew pot is the perfect summer accessory, you can have amazing cold brew coffee sitting in your fridge ready for you to slurp down in the hot summer sun.

We love cold brew, mainly because it’s delicious (duh), but also because the longer brew process results in a coffee that’s super smooth and highlights the beautiful flavors found in the coffee beans.

Here’s our super simple Mizudashi Cold Brew recipe:

What you’ll need:

  • Mizudashi Coffee Pot (1L)
  • 90 g of high quality coffee
  • 1 L filtered water at room temperature
  • Spoon
  • Kitchen Scales


    mizudashi coldbrew .gif


    • Grind your coffee to a medium coarseness, you are wanting it to feel like table salt between your fingers.
    • Pour 600 ml of water into the Mizudashi pot
    • Weigh out 90 g of your ground coffee and place it into the Mizudashi mesh filter
    • Place the filter into the Mizudashi pot
    • Pour the remaining 400 ml of water into the filter to saturate your coffee.
    • With a spoon, give the coffee a stir. This will ensure all your grinds are wet and there aren’t any clumps of coffee hiding.
    • Place the lid onto your Mizudashi and leave it in a cool place like your pantry for 18-24 hours. We leave our cold brew for 24 hours, but this is a personal preference. We recommend you try one at 18 and the next at 24 hours and see which you prefer.
    • After the 18-24 hours remove the filter and discard the coffee.
    • Place your cold brew into the fridge to chill, or if you have no chill (like us most of the time) pour it over ice immediately and enjoy!

      Cold brew is such a versatile beverage and can be added into some of your favourite cocktails like a Negroni or even replace the espresso in your Espresso Martini!

      Your cold brew will last in its Mizudashi Pot for up to 6 weeks (if kept black). If you add milk to your cold brew it will last for the life of the milk.

      When selecting a bean to use for cold brew, think about the flavours you like to find in your coffee. This is really important as cold brew accentuates all of those amazing flavours found in the bean so you want to make sure you’re making something with flavours you enjoy!

      If you are adding milk to your cold brew we would recommend you buy a blend or a washed Colombian single origin to ensure it blends well with milk. We love to make our milk cold brew’s with our Ping Blend

      Keep caffeinated & stay Grouchy.