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Why's everyone talking about Carbonic Maceration?

Why's everyone talking about Carbonic Maceration?

More fancy Coffee Processing terms? Really?

Let's discuss Carbonic Maceration. This is a relatively recent process introduced by Sasa Sestic in 2015. It is a method of fermentation inspired by winemaking.

How does it work?

Coffee Cherries are placed into an airtight container and flushed with Carbon dioxide to remove Oxygen. The cherries then ferment from the outside in. This can take months to produce the desired flavours as the cherries are left whole and not pulped. The temperature is controlled, the lower the temperature, the longer the fermentation process. Once desired level of fermentation is achieved the cherries can be processed by washing or drying.

The result? 

Coffee with high acidity and notes of Tropical Fruit and bursting with rich Berries.

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