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man picking coffee cherries of a bush

What is Supernatural Coffee?

Supernatural Coffee!? What is that? Coffee has superpowers?

Well- we already know that!

So what exactly is Supernatural Coffee? 

Supernatural Processing involves a number of experimental techniques to boost flavour, sweetness and body.

Originating in El Salvador when Sasa Sestic visited Mauricio Salverria and started experimenting with natural processed coffees. El Salvador is known for its amazing washed coffees so this kind of experimenting was unusual. Supernatural processing requires additional care, space and time. 

A combination of techniques are used related to fermentation and drying including

Increasing/ Decreasing Temperature to speed up or lengthen fermentation

Thick stack drying on raised beds

Covering/wrapping cherries to retain moisture

The result?

Super delicious juicy fruity vibes bursting with berries and cherries.

If you haven't ever tried Supernatural Coffee pop into our concept store for a visit and try the delicious ones we have available. You won't regret it.