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Able Brewing Disk Filter - SET

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The Able Brewing Disk Filter is a reusable filter designed to be used with a AeroPress Coffee Maker.

The stainless steel filter features hundreds of fine holes that allow natural oils and small micro-grounds through into your mug, producing a rich and aromatic cup of coffee.

Take your AeroPress brewing journey to a new level with the Abel Brewing Disk Filter

It’s easy to use and easily cleaned so it can be used time and time again, perfect for travelling or in the office!


Designed For: The Able Disk coffee filters are a reusable stainless steel filter made in the USA from high quality stainless steel, and specifically designed to be used with the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Able disk coffee filter allows for more oils and a fuller bodied cup of coffee than paper. Designed to create the best coffee possible for those seeking a sustainable alternative to paper filters. Being reusable, all it takes is a quick rinse under hot water to keep the smooth stainless steel filter clean and eliminates the need for paper filters, which is especially convenient when traveling.

The Able Disk STANDARD filter characteristics result in a fuller body cup of coffee with increased sediment content, thicker and should last many years of heavy use and is very hard to bend or damage.

The Able Disk FINE filter characteristics result in a very sweet clean cup of coffee with very little sediment to none at all. It is thinner (1/3 of the Standard) and should be handled with care as bending or damage is more likely.

Whats in the box?


  • Stainless Steel

  • Suits AeroPress, Delter & Bruer Cold Drip System

  • 100% Made in USA by Able Brewing

  • Packaging: 100% post-consumer recycled FSC certified