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Espresso Blend Bundle

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Want to get your inner grouch on, but don't know where to start? Enter stage left, Espresso Blend Bundle.

We have chosen three of our favourite blends to help you decide which adventure to go on next.

Sparky Seasonal Espresso is a light roast with big black forest gateau vibes. Think cherry, nougat, chocolate, and double cream. Sparky pairs perfectly with milk and is a super smooth and sweet milk espresso blend.

Ping Espresso blend is a medium roast with a full badonkadonk. This blend tastes like a chocolate Quik bunny, drinking a bottle of disaronno - think milk chocolate and almonds. Ping pours super well with alternative milks like soy, oat, and almond.

Bender Espresso blend is the darkest roast in our family. In an homage to our old man, this blend is created for those who love an espresso that slaps them upside the head with a block of 90% chocolate.

This bundle is perfect for espresso machines but also great for French press, Aeropress / Delter press, and American-style drip or stovetop percolator.