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Grouch & Co’s Hot Chocolate. Made from Dutch cocoa, it’s been hand-blended right here in sunny Perth, Western Australia to a very secret amazingly special recipe. We think we may have accidentally bottled the sunlight, because this is one heart-warming blend. High quality ingredients, with cocoa tasting notes of butter and chestnut. You can almost smell it, just looking at this sexy amber glass bottle and bronze labelling…ah we’re in love, can you tell?

This chocolatey powder goodness is calling out to be spooned… directly to hot milk of your choice, or hot water, or just sprinkle it on your ice-cream or brussel sprouts. Whatever floats your boat, it basically just makes everything delightful.

Kick back & enjoy the sweet serenade of Grouch’s hot chocolate. (p.s. this is probably the only time Grouch will be sweet and gentle, so dive in, because we didn’t hold back.)


Add two tablespoons of Grouch Hot Chocolate to a cupful of hot milk, stir and slurp.

Don’t have a milk steamer at home? Simply heat the milk in the microwave or in a saucepan on the stove top. Add the chocolate powder and stir in til totally dissolved. For a little something spesh try it with a good swig of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum or for an 80’s twist add Malibu

Recipe for Grouch & Co Chocolate Sauce

To make a cup of Chocolate sauce add ½ a cup of chocolate powder in a container then slowly add hot water til it is absorbed. Continue to add water til your sauce has a glossy smooth consistency. If your sauce is too runny add more chocolate powder til it reaches your desired consistency.

300g Amber Bottle

This is not dairy free but tastes great in almond and soy milk.

Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients

Ingredients: Cocoa, Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder

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