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Red clix RX35 for Comandante Hand Grinder

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The new RX35 Metric Precision Thread Red Clix from Comandante have been created for the professional coffee expert in a competition situation and designed specifically for Comandante's range of hand grinders.

Both the axle and the grind grade dial have been designed with an ultra-fine precision thread, to give the user twice as many available click steps comparedto the original threads. This means that if you're brewing currently by dialling in 10 clicks on your Comandante grinder, you will need to dial in 20 clicks with Red Clix. This design gives you more control over your brewing methodology, with additional click steps for a more precise grind.


  • Expanded click range
  • Much finer click steps
  • Stable and durable click mechanism
  • An additional click step between two standard clicks on your Comandante grinder


  • Change of particle size per click (typical): 15 Micron/0.015mm
  • Narrow Blade Gap at Burr Exit: 5.5 Micron

 Please Note: Do not mix Red Clix parts with standard grinder parts. The extra fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with any other parts.