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Vinhal - Brazil. Double Ferment Single origin

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 REGION: Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro


VARIETAL:  Catuai 99, Catuai 144, Catuai 62, Catucai 2SL, Icatu, Topazio, IBC 12

PROCESS: Double ferment - see notes for more details

PRODUCER: Rafael Vinhal

TASTING:  Marzipan, boozy fruit, vanilla, cherry, spice, fruit mince pies

This farm is rainforest allianced, 4C and Certifica minas certified. 

Grower Rafael Vinhal has been farming and producing high-quality coffee in the heart of Minas Gerais State in Cerrado Mineiro, an area known for producing exceptional coffee. This coffee uses an experimental processing method, where the coffee is naturally processed, washed and then reprocessed. The easiest way to describe it is double fermenting. For those who enjoy the detail here is the list of the processing methods they used to get this super fruity and juicy coffee.

Natural, Pulped Natural, Fully Washed, Honey, Bóia, Fermented Natural, Fermented Bóia, 2x Fermented Natural, Fermented Fully Washed, 2x Fermented Fully Washed, 3x Fermented Fully Washed, Fermented Honey, 2x Fermented Honey, 3x Fermented Honey.  


Dose: 21g in 
Yield: 43g out
Run time: 30 seconds (incl. 10s pre-infusion)