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How to brew with a Trinity Zero

How to brew with a Trinity Zero

Trinity Zero has to be the most portable coffee brewer on the market, it's light and small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used without consumables such as filter papers making it an awesome option for a portable brewer.

Trinity as a company is renowned for creating coffee brewers that are vastly different from anything else on the market. All of their products have been funded through kickstarter campaigns and have a focus on build quality.

After using this brewer for a couple of coffees I’m impressed with how easy it is to make a great cuppa. The style of coffee it makes is a strong 100ml shot, kind of halfway between a filter coffee and an espresso. You can add hot milk to it for a latte style coffee, add hot water for a long black or just drink straight for a super strong coffee hit. What I really love about this brewer is that it doesn’t require any filter papers or other consumables, this makes it perfect for a no fuss brewer, you just add hot water, coffee grounds and away you go. It also makes it the perfect brewer for travel because it's so small and light that you can just chuck it in your bag or drop it in your box of camping gear and away you go.

Trinity Zero Recipe
What you need:

  • 18g of coffee ground medium/fine
  • 100ml of water just off boiling
  • Mug

Step 1

Fill the bottom chamber with your ground coffee and lock it in place. Place the brewer on top of your mug and open the top chamber. Pour in your water and fill to the line marking, then place the lid on the brewer.

Step 2

Push your thumb on the lid to pump the water through the coffee ground, when pushing your thumb on the pump hold your thumb down on the pump for a few seconds before pumping again.

Step 3

Continue to pump in this way until all the water has passed through the brewer. This should take you around one minute.

Now you have 100mls of strong coffee, add some steamed milk for a latte, or a bit of hot water if you like it black.